George Avramescu


Identifying and handling destructive habits and behaviours in a working environment

Perfect chemistry is difficult to be found within teams and organisations and tensions and dissensions arise from personality incompatibilities which may negatively impact the overall performance and disrupt momentums. Identifying a change of course in behaviours may mend matters before they get out of control.

Negotiating to Death – An exercise about a soft deal, a hard deal and a no deal!

From waking up to going to sleep we would have negotiated a few hundred times and we are adjusting our negotiation style based on the opponents’ strength and the stake involved. These will make the difference in our behaviour between choosing to act like a dolphin, or like a shark. Ultimately, they both have sharp teeth.

Managing time in a timely manner -Ready, Steady, Go!

Time management, prioritising, interruptions, and to-do lists made on post-it notes; all these are elements of continuous attempts aiming toward efficiency, efficacity and effectiveness. But what do we do when not everything depends on us and relying on others diverts us from achieving ultimate perfection?