George Avramescu


Theory Free Leadership

50 minutes

The world is being bombarded with information nowadays and the key to maximum effectiveness and impact is managing to efficiently select the appropriate information and use it for the exact purpose for which is intended. Leadership is a very popular topic and generous and vast information is available both in digital and hard copy capturing numerous interpretations but in most cases the theory that is being presented dilutes the actual intended effect and people tend to use only a small fraction in practice and with reduced effectiveness. The message transmitted fades away the moment the book or the file have been closed. A more practical approach may have a greater impact with the message channelled in the right way.

Sportive Leading

40 minutes

A crucial role in sport is being played by Leadership, whether this involves role models, popular players, team captains, coaches, managers, agents or owners. In the hindsight, there is not much difference in the way companies are run and led, in that sport is predominantly mirrored in day to day company activities.
However, these striking similarities may reveal the finest and interesting facts which may further aid in an enhanced and dynamic Leadership.

Toxic Working Environment

40 minutes

Many employees are being trapped in toxic working environments and learn to survive this way or succumb under pressure and fear. Some of them get so used to this that they don’t think there is something else better out there.
Their lives will be affected forever, usually with direct impact on their personal lives. What is the solution?

Following my Leader

50 minutes

We always get enthusiastic when we find someone to look up to, a mentor, a leader. And we strive to imitate or replicate their thoughts, actions and results
What can we do to make sure we get the best and the most as fast as possible?

Getting on the Property Ladder

35 minutes

With the current challenging world housing market, spending temptations and different levels of buying power, there is no wonder that the average person struggles to save for expensive cars, expensive holidays or entertain expensive hobbies, let alone to secure a holding deposit to buy a property (via a mortgage).
People usually turn to credit to compensate for the lack of money reserves, they end up paying much more than they should and they usually get trapped into debt, debt that is acting as quicksand. What is the solution?

Toxic Working Environment​

40 minutes

PEOPLE do things if THEY believe THEY can do those things. To believe THEY can do those things, two things must happen:
1. The people around THEM have to believe in THEM, trust THEM, empower THEM
2. THEY have to really want to do those things
How can we make sure that the two conditions above are fulfilled and that PEOPLE work together happily under the same umbrella, on the same boat, as one?